The moment you are associated with us for account creation and establishing connection to your banks and credit cards, you can be rest assured that we store maximum of your data securely with regard to income and expense. Besides, we store other new information that emerged each time you sign in.

The volume of data we store on our server when you first connect an account rests completely on the bank. The following are the steps to export data from your bank:

  • Step into the portal of your bank and sign in
  • Choose the account from where you want to export the data
  • Find a button or tab that gives hint about downloading or exporting your data
  • Fix the range of your data and make sure to select CSV as the file format
  • To conclude data export, follow instructions.

Steps to Import Transactions into Your Product

  • Click Gear
  • Go to the dropdown menu to click Import
  • Select the account where you want to import transactions and then click Import older transactions
  • Adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen to conclude the process of data import

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