Import Past Transaction into Quickbooks

Import Past Transaction into QuicKBooks To have an entire record of business transactions for the tax year, you can import the past transactions into quickbooks that are near about 60 to 90 days old. Before importing the file, you should make sure that the past transaction is in CSV file format. Also note that spreadsheets can be exported and saved in CSV format. How to import your past transaction Below are the instructions that help you to compl

Hide or Delete a Bank Account in QuickBooks

Hide or Delete a Bank Account in QuickBooks You have an option to hide the account or delete the account, in case you don't like to see a transaction from bank account. If you delete a bank account, it removes all your data. And by hiding a bank account, your data is secure in the product but doesn't show on your screens. How to delete a bank account: At right top of the page, click the gear icon. In the drop-down menu, click 'Bank Accounts.

Connect A Bank Account To QuickBooks

Connect A Bank Account To QuickBooks Is it beneficial to connect all your banks to Quickbooks? Yes, of course, the connection eliminates the involvement of a user in carrying out data entry. Your bank and credit card companies are authorized to record all transactions of your accounts. On connecting your bank directly, you are empowered with the ability to decide which transactions are personal and which are business. You can also benefit from gaini

Add a New Transaction For QuickBooks

Add a New Transaction For QuickBooks You can easily add earning or expenditure for transactions that take place outside of your connected account. Steps to add a new transaction: Open the Transactions page Find the button Add Transaction that is below the button Connect Account and click it Enter transaction details and choose a category Click Save. Steps to add more than one transaction The sole procedure to add multiple transactio

QuickBooks Banking Errors and Issues

QuickBooks Banking Errors and Issues Below are some of the points, helping users in resolving the QuickBooks banking errors and issues. QuickBooks Reconcile discrepancies: There are two possible reasons for discrepancies. Last reconciled transactions is either changed, added or deleted Another possibility is that there is reconciliation adjustments in journals, entries and such other things. Begin Reconciliation balance is nil or incorrec

Banking and Setup

Banking and Setup The resources below help users to set up and use banking in QuickBooks. Some of the common terminologies that are used in basic banking Below is the list of some common terminologies, associated with bank transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. Automated Clearing House (ACH): ACH helps in credit transfers including direct deposit, payroll, vendor payments, etc. Bank Account: Bank Accounts in QuickBooks is used to keep the track