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Quickbooks Support To Customize The Functionality Of The Accounting Software

Considered as one of the sophisticated accounting software suites, Quickbooks has become the primary component to boost the productivity of accountants. In spite of being recognized as the smarter tool, this accounting software has some restrictions to perform on all accounting conditions as it may cause disruption in its functionality with certain business landscapes. There is no denying that different businesses adopt different functionalities purpose...

Sending Info to Accountants

You are provided with 2 files that you can share with your accountant: A yearly report on tax in PDF format. It lets you gain in-depth insight into your taxable business profit and total amounts for each Schedule C deduction category. A yearly tax particulars in XLS format. It carries data of each and every transaction under Schedule C category, for the year. Steps to Access These Files: Open the navigation bar and click Taxes > Annual t...

Self-employment ledger

Self-employment is a bookkeeping application that is used to record all the details about currency received and paid-out. Self-employment ledger helps you to keep your business income and personal finance separately. The right 'Schedule C' categories of the Self-employment ledger helps you to claim proper tax deductions. Self-employment ledger makes the 'Tax summary' fast and easy. Provides precise details about each transaction. Annual taxes

Review, Mark or Change Transactions

Review and mark transactions 1.In order to review transactions of your bank or credit card, you need to find and open the Transactions page. 2.The page gives you an indication of which one to click from options: Business or Personal in order to mark an expense as either personal or something related to your self-employment work. However, you need to click Split if you perceive your transaction is a fusion of both types. Change a transaction type

Adopt Tactics to Accelerate The Process of Assessing and Categorizing Transactions

We introduce exciting rules to streamline the process of transactions. For instance, you have purchased a bulk of baby care products from company, A. The moment you select the transaction as Business, the Add Rule tab will appear. Click Add Rule to automate the marking of transactions coming from A as Business. Rules are applicable only to calculate new spending or income going forward. No rules are indeed applied while reviewing past transactions. If yo

How to fetch the duplicate transactions

There are several times when we need duplicate transactions. For instance, when there are issues from bank side or issues while getting data from transactions or any other issues. Here is how to fetch the duplicate transactions: Find the transaction tab and click on it. On the right side of the row, click the small triangle. Find the expanded detail and choice the check box to rule out the transaction. Click on 'Save.'

How to Add a new transactions and multiple transactions

Income or expenditure addition happened outside of your connected accounts can be done manually. Also, users should make sure that they do not duplicate any transactions that comes through their bank or credit card. How to add a new transaction: Find the transaction page. On the upper right side, you will find the list of transactions. Click the 'Add transaction' and then 'Connect account.' Fill the transaction details Select a category

Problems finding a bank

Here are some of the useful tips for those who are having problems finding their banks: Confirm the spelling: Spelling error is the most common mistake that people make while finding their banks. Enter your bank's URL: Entering the bank's URL help users to find their bank easily. Always search with the bank name: Searching through bank's name is easy to find instead of the card details like Visa, Master card, etc. Search with certain specific w

Bank Account Error 102

The Bank Account Error 102 normally occurs when the website of your bank faces some kind of technical issues. For instance going through maintenance, server issues, data transfer issues between banks and its users and so on. Below are some of the suggestions if you find Bank Account Error 102: If you can't find any clue of issue on your bank's website or either credit card's website, you can go for account update. Make sure you have successfully